Structural analysis tool

I made my very first structural analysis tool!

You can find it at


With this tool you will be able to calculate the values acting on a beam. The way this works is it uses finite element analysis to estimate the rotation and deflection at certain points across the beam.

Afterwards the program then calculates according to these rotations and deflections the moments and shear forces acting on the beam. It should be noted that this structural analysis tool is still in an alpha stage.

This means that the program does not necessarily work yet the way it should.  Although the values it spits out are correct, there are still a lot of bugs with how the values are displayed.


Elements of the structural analysis tool

The main elements of this tool are the FEM-engine that calculates the forces acting on the beam. A second major element are the Eurocode calculation formulas.

As I am based in Finland, the tool that I have made predominantly uses the Eurocodes to calculate limit states. However I have tried to seperate these formulas clearly in the code. The entire program is one html file and contains html, javascript and css.

This has been part of my final thesis and I will most likely develop it further.


Further development stages for this structural analysis tool

I will most likely develop this in 3 stages. First I am going to fix the UI, make it a bit more appealing/easy to work with. Secondly I will take apart the FEM engine and work on making a really slick working FEM engine first. Then lastly I will work on incorporating different types of materials in the calculator (dimensioning wood, metal or concrete) and I will try and incorporate different types of cross-sections as well.


Will this structural analysis tool remain free?

Short answer..yes. It is not nearly anywhere near ready to be monetized in any way. It needs several hours of development more to make it work. However in the future, if I decide to spend more time on it, I might incorporate some ads on the page.


Hope you find this useful!

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