Social media app for mothers

Now that I have a baby on the way me and my wife got talking about how the daily routine would look like after the baby has come.

We came to realize that it will be extremely important for my wife who will stay at home for probably the first year, to get out there and remain social.

It is really hard for an adult to stay at home with a newborn and remain sane!

Adult contact will be extremely important.

However my wife is not alone in her situation. There must be hundreds of other expecting mothers in the Helsinki area who will be at home for the next year to be.

What if an app would be developed, Tinder style, in which moms who stay at home could casually look for new friends to hang out with.

It could be based on similar likes in your facebook profile, or, based on what you hate! Hatr has been around for a long time and seems to do he trick, matching people based on the things they dislike.

A set of a few questions before you sign up could be enough to determine on a very rough level what you’re in to and what you aren’t.

After you “match” with another mom, just like tinder, a chat window would open where you could arrange for a next brunch date!

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