Puustelli library at Prodlib

Pretty excited to see the Puustelli library for Revit and ArchiCad be published.
In most other projects I have participated to a bigger or smaller degree. But Puustelli is the first library that I can say is my doing. I worked together with our contact at Puustelli for a good couple of months before we pushed this one out.

In itself there isn’t that much difference in what we do in other libraries compared to this one. The only specialty with this library however is that we are sharing rendering files to come with the models.
In ArchiCad that isn’t such a big deal as they can be easily defines within the .lcf-file. In Revit however this is a bit more challenging as the paths from which Revit fetches the rendering images can vary from one computer to the other.

Now the method chosen isn’t perfect, since we assumed most computers used for work and structural calculation most likely will run on some version of Windows. Hence the path in which the ProdLib library is installed will most likely stay relatively similar from one Windows version to another.

For Mac however it can be a bit more tricky and it might not always fetch the right images from the right places as it assumes a Windows operating system. This will probably be solved in version 2.0 of this library.

However I’m very pleased with the whole look and feel of the library. There probably are still some mistakes here and there. It might not be 100% flawless but it is mine :)! We’ll work out whatever kinks there are in future editions anyway!

ProdLib and the Puustelli library can be downloaded here.

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