Palkkitaulukko: Beam diagrams

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Palkkitaulukko is a list of different load cases for beams. A cheatsheet if you will. You can find a decent “palkkitaulukko” here.


What is a “palkkitaulukko” anyways?

In engineering, and even more so in structural engineering, you get hit left and right with different kinds of formulas. It’s impossible to remember them all.

As most objects in the structural engineering field are either beams or columns, fins have made a table with the most common beam situations. Not unlike any other bended beam table you can find online.

In this table some of the most common ways in which you can load a force onto a beam have been listed, with their maximum moment and maximum deflection.

It’s just a handy cheatsheet for when you are calculating stuff!

A lot of times it’s handier to check a certain load case from a beam table than it is to start calculating it from scratch.

Good self-learning guide

There are a few good books on Amazon that will help you learn how to calculate these problems. Better yet, that’ll teach you how to use these “palkkitaulukko”!

Click here to view Schaum’s outline of statics and strength of materials.

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