Getting 2 more niche sites ready for Christmas

I’m trying something new with a couple of domains I registered just the other day.

Both are Christmas toys, or presents usually bought during Christmas time. So for these I will be going long to see if they rake in any profit. Most likely the only time I will see any movement with these sites will be next year’s Christmas.

As these domains are bought from scratch (not using or any other domain name selling service), they are unknown in the eyes of Google.

Meaning that it’ll be quite difficult to get traction for these sites. And by difficult I mean it will just take longer. Ultimately any site you work on for a long enough time in a decent enough time-interval will generate some money.

Either in content that you write that you can then later sell onwards if you fail to get any traffic to the site, or then in actual sales through Amazon or any affiliate program of your choice.

Making these websites, playing around online has also got me thinking I should probably look more into developing my programming sills more as they are very much basic so far…

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