New niche sites coming up

Today I added some new niche sites that I will be working on.

One of them, is specialized in footwear. However I’m using several plugins at the moment to help with importing data from amazon. Woozone to be more precise. Through their plugin I can import hundreds of products at the same time while adding my own affiliate link into the product pages.
Then I instantly get plenty of material to write content on, all set up and ready to go at the click of a button.
It’s not just enough to spin the content and import from amazon, you can add more value to your reader to provide more in-depth reviews of the products you imported.

I’ll keep you updated here on how the progress is going.

I used the “Kingdom”-theme in the beginning but it was terrible to get it set up right, so ditched that one. I would not recommend it to anyone else either. However the WooZone plugin from the same makers really does work like a charm.


The second site,┬áis a website handling the weight-loss evergreen. It will be a website in a similar fashion to previous niche sites I have made in the past. I’ll write up some articles, do some blogpost comments for SEO and see if I can get it to rank in Google.

What’s the point of this site?

Good question!

I guess the main point is to first of all keep his domain name in my name.

Second of all this is an easy way of having some sort of “shop-front” up and running for various projects I am currently involved in.

Some of my interests include, but are not limited to;

  • Niche sites
  • 3D modelling
  • ArchiCad object creation training
  • Revit family creation training


Lastly another reason for starting this site is if there are any other foreigners out here in the Helsinki area that need some comparative support, feel free to get in touch!

If you are stuck somewhere maybe there is a way I can help you out!