Amazon Affiliate Link checker – tool 2.0

I’ve been wrestling with the Amazon API and found this great php snippet written by the people over at patchesoft.

Basically they have written a complete class I can call in my scripts to handle all of the communication with the Amazon API for me.

Now I am a complete newbie when it comes to PHP programming, let alone communication with an API.

So I am pretty chuffed to have come up with what I have done so far. Right now the checker tool scans a webpage for any tags with “href” in it, then it assumes those are websites.

That is a pretty safe bet.

Then it checks whether or not “shortened” url’s have been used, as is the case in a lot of affiliate links. It then unwraps the url and digs the associate tag and the product’s ASIN code from the URL.

Afterwards it uses the AmazonAPI-class to make a call to the API with the ASIN in question. It then checks what response it gets for availability when making a call with the ASIN of the product.

If it is an empty response then we just assume that the product is either unavailable, or “available from these sellers”. Both cases will result in my checker showing a “Unavailable” status however..

Things learnt:

-In the Amazon API class there is a field way up reserved for the different types of response groups. These response groups are important to list and details can be found here on what belongs where. At first I didn’t list the response groups that have the availability parameter in it and I was scratching my eyes out why my code wouldn’t work. The path etc was correct. But as I wasn’t including any of the necessary response groups in MY response XML there was no such field as <Availability>.

-PHP security. I have to use my own accessID and scecret key to make calls to Amazon’s Product Advertising API. So a challenge was to think of how to store that data in a safe way. Utilizing varous tricks to limit access to the private side of my website was a new experience!

-In general PHP coding. It seems a lot online is handled through PHP so it’ll be interesting to delve deeper into what kind of information can be passed back and forwards through pages, inputfields and tables.
Especially as I’ll be building another tool I dicussed earlier. For that project I’ll be needing a lot more php to access and store database information!


Things to do:

Right now the crawler just browses the given page and only returns the amazon links.

It would make sense that if you give the main domain of your website, the crawler would start crawling also a few levels deeper so you won’t have to.

So if you for example give your site “” and on your homepage you have a menu, then the crawler would crawl through those menu-links, and return any amazon links that may be there.

This has been suggested by already a few people I have spoken too.

A few issues though is that my script isn’t the fastest around. In fact it’s dead-slow.

So 2 things need to be done:

  1. Speed up the PHP-script so that it cycles through the found links faster
  2. Go as deep as possible when crawling a website and return the URL for the page the crawler is on, to the main table we have all come to know and love <3.

Search Engine And Directory Submission Sites

Recently for projects I’ve been running with an Indian friend of mine I’ve been thinking on automating some of the link building using directory submission sites.

Alternatively there are also search engine submission sites available.

What are search engine submission sites?

Basically as far as I’ve understood it these are sites that add your own site to their directory. In this sense they send a spider to your website, index it and add it to their directory.

As a result your website is now listed in some directory somewhere that is crawlable. In the age before Google there probably were some hundred of different search engines available.

The good thing is.. These are still up and running! Even though Google has taken the lion-share of search traffic over the years, these directory and search engine websites are still being maintained.

How do these differ from directory submission sites?

Directories are basically a collection of websites grouped around topics. In the early days of the internet there wasn’t really a clever way of making information searchable.

So people just did the best they could and started gathering websites around a certain topic and group them in a directory of that particular topic.

It is a very clunky way of storing information but for all intents and purposes it does the job. If you click on a nature directory, you’ll be bombarded with sites ranging from tree diseases to a site talking about a particular type of goat living in the high-Andes… Just kidding but you get my point.

And there probably is a goat somewhere that lives in the high-Andes and most likely someone will have made a blog about it. If not I’ll be the first and figure out a way to monetize that too!

In short..

Search Engine and directory submission sites can greatly speed up the work of someone looking to up their SERP scores. In some cases, with the click of a single button your website will be added to multiple directories, creating multiple, decent quality back links in return.

What does that mean for someone looking to do a bit of SEO?

A lot actually. Assuming you are looking at doing white-hat SEO and not trying some dodgy stuff. The thing with white-hat SEO is that it is extremely time-taking.  Sending out eamils, reaching out to people, researching who to contact next just to get a few links.

It’s time taking. So there is a way to speed things up a little.

Serach engine submission sites add your website, coupled with your email address for verification purposes to a vast network of pre-Google search engines. These will gladly index your site and add them in their directory in an effort to make their directory bigger.

Don’t expect any influx of traffic to be coming this way though. As the search engines in itself are virtually useless. The reason we are doing this to get your link listed somewhere online, that is also readable by Google.

In doing so you will have, essentially, earned a link. And as in the early days of Google there is one metric that still counts: Links are votes.

The more links point to your website, the better you will do in Google’s eyes.

Are all links created equal?

They are not. As most of you reading this are probably aware; link quality plays an important part into the way the Google algorithms rank your website in relation to others in your neighborhood.

But that is the beauty of these directory sites and pre-Google search engines though. Especially the search engines have a relatively good rep with the folks in Palo Alto as these are relatively tricky to game.

For directories you have to be careful nowadays as a lot of them have become breeding grounds for Cialis and Viagra related businesses looking to advertise (and gain links).

 List of the best directory submission sites

Here are 30 online directory submission sites you should visit and put up your website. What they require from you is just some basic info about your website and your email address for verification purposes. It can be a bit of a drag to fill all these out manually (maybe I should script this somehow).. However it’s worth it in the end as you get extra links for relatively no effort.

1.      All Free Things  (Page Rank 4)

2. Free PR Web Directory (Page Rank 6)

3. Travel Tourism Directory Info (Page Rank 6)

4.  So Much (Page Rank 6)

5. High Rank Directory (Page Rank 6)

6. Britain Business Directory (Page Rank 6)

7. Marketing Internet Directory (Page Rank 6)

8. Hot Vs Not (Page Rank 6)

9.  Submission Web Directory (Page Rank 6)

10. Diolead (Page Rank 6)

11. Uk Internet Directory (Page Rank 6)

12. Jet Jaws (Page Rank 6)

13. Esjoub (Page Rank 6)

14. Lilink (Page Rank 7)

15. Feed Up Info (Page Rank 8)

16. Finance Buster (Page Rank 6)

17. Synergy-Directory (Page Rank 4)

18. Nexus Directory (Page Rank 4)

19. Directory Fire (Page Rank 4)

20. Master Moz (Page Rank 4)

21. Direct My Link (Page Rank 4)

22. Pro Link Directory (Page Rank 4)

23. Info-Listings (Page Rank 4)

24. Submissions 4U (Page Rank 4)

25.  Piseries (Page Rank 4)

26. Gain Web Org (Page Rank 4)

27 Best Free Websites Net (Page Rank 3)

28. PR 3 Plus (Page Rank 3)

29. Web Directory Co (Page Rank 3)

30. 10 Directory (Page Rank 3)


List of the best search engine submission websites

I’ve personally used for my previous projects as well as

Both have proven to be pretty useful and have not given me any bad rep (at least not according to the google search console) nor have I experienced any negative influence on my SERP. In fact quite the opposite.

Contrary to the directory submission sites the 2 mentioned above allow you to add your website to hundreds of prehistoric search engines. And as a result get multiple, white-hat backlinks at the click of a button.

After adding my sites to the above links I noticed a small, but noticeable jump across the board.

Happy adding and let me know if some of these links don’t work anymore!