Business idea #1

Something I have been thinking about building is an online tool that will help improve security on building sites. And by security I mean Health and Safety.

It would take the form of a template that you can drag and add content to to make it suit your need. For example if today you’re planning to do lifitng work on site you could select the “lift work”-template from the library and click and add other information there.

This other information would most likely be the names of the ones doing the lifting work, the name of the person in charge of the site and general safety and then the name/number of the jobsite.

This would all be done through an app or through a dedicated website to which you have credentials.

Per usage of the website (or per document created) you’d pay a fee.

Thanks to the fact that everyone has a smartphone nowadays you can make your phone into an automatic document signer. Once the safety-contract has been made using the template, you can then click on a “sign here” button upon which you phone would use its touchscreen capabilities to read an autograph.

The users then use their fingers or a stylus to sign on your phone. The document is then stored in a central location and emails are sent to both the workers and the supervisor with the document attached.

That way supervisors have written proof that the workers understand the basic safety rules of the work they are about to undertake, and the workers have had to go through the document so they are aware of the risks and dangers involved. And more importantly how to prevent them.

A next step would then be for the general manager of the construction company to have full overview of the health and safety on his/her jobsites.

They know that on this day at jobsite x there is this kind of work going on. On a calendar they can then see that safety documents were supposed to be created on the previous day and signed today.

If they see that this has not happened (a signed and stored document would be an inserted row in a database somewhere) they can then phone the job site manager on site and ask him/her to collect those documents immediately.

So that everyone is covered should something go wrong, but more importantly prevent something going wrong in the first place!

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