Recently I have gotten involved in a project with a friend of mine called Kajon Steel Oy.

As I am based in Finland, Kajon Steel is also based in Finland. We basically take on order from the construction industry and use our network of independant contractors to fulfill those order.

Kajon Steel, as the name might already give away, is predominantly focussed on the Steel industry. If some thing quirky needs to be built out of steel then most likely it pays to ask us for a quote.

Everything from window flashings, in Finnish ’ikkunapellit’ to more solid Steel construction such as solid steel beas and girders to support upholstery for facade cladding.

This complements my work at Planera quite well as the need for this company grew while designin.

As a designer I got frustrated with the fact that for the most basic of steel structures there are only a handful of companies who privide such services. As such the prices they charge are at times rediculous. Also custom metalware seems to be hard to find these days.

As my friend Henkka, who happens to be my first child’s godfather, works in the metal industry, it was just a short leap for the two of us to start working together.

I have a good knowledge of internet marketing and he has his connections and expertise in the metal industry.

Right now nobody seems to be actively trying to do SEO in Finland in the construction industry. So it is very exciting to see where we will be within this ad the next year and a half.

Stay tuned!